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Targeted Hyperbaric O2

  • Increases flow of oxygen-bearing plasma to damaged/diseased tissues
  • Helps create new blood vessels
  • Stimulates the body’s production of stem cells
  • Repairs and regenerates body tissues

PBMT Light Therapy

  • Cutting-Edge Photobiomodulation Technology
  • Dilates blood vessels to enhance blood flow
  • Helps deliver up to 800% more oxygen to body tissues
  • Decreases inflammation


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Meet the Vibrant You team that brings happiness and wellness to the St. George & Southern Utah communities!

The AVACEN 100

Heat therapy, improved circulation and muscle relaxation not only reduces pain, but may help relieve a variety of acute medical conditions.

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What Our Clients Say

  • review rating 5  I have been to the office a few times. Through my profession, I am around a lot of people. I have the opportunity to really get to know them.
    I have referred several people to her office with various ailments, and each one has told me that they have noticed a difference in as little as one session.
    A man paralyzed and left with no feeling in his legs. A monster of a man reduced to skin and bones in his legs (almost literally) who within only a few sessions began to get sensations in his legs again.
    A friend that is unable to eat anything but plain, fresh chicken and rice who hasn't slept well in...I don't even know how long who said about his first session that it was the best sleep he had had in a very long time.
    What Stephanie and her crew are doing is amazing.
    This is the first place I would choose to go if I ever needed help.
    Thank you for being miracle workers, and saving lives, limbs, and returning family members to good health!

    thumb Chris Gray

    review rating 5  This is the real deal for natural healing! I'm so grateful! My swelling disappeared from a horrific truck accident after only a few sessions. I feel great!

    thumb Alicia Blickfeldt2

  • review rating 5  Vibrant you saved my husbands finger. Doctor wanted to remove it. After 20 sessions he got to keep his finger. We love the staff at Vibrant You! I would recommend them to anyone.

    thumb M Snow

    review rating 5  Immediate and noticeable results. I've been calling it a total game changer! I started out just trying the Avacen machine which I've dubbed the opposite of the pain box from the movie/book Dune. I noticed more energy both mental and physical and better sleep the day of and the days following its use. But when combined with the oxygen chamber (I prefer doing the Avacen before going in the oxygen chamber) that's when it becomes a game changer. I feel so good, alert and energetic. I have a chronic sinus infection in my maxillus sinus I've been treating and this has been a massive help to the fatigue symptoms and seems to reduce the pressure as well as I've noticed the sensitivity in my one front tooth is gone. The environment at the clinic is calm, the staff attentive and the owner is exceptionally dedicated to helping you feel better and improve your health. I really can't say how big of a difference I notice in how I feel and mostly my ability to THINK! Seriously a total game changer for me. So thankful for this clinic. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    thumb Graysen Fox

  • review rating 5  I credit Stephanie and VibrantYou for making a miracle happen for my wife. It’s that plain and simple. I encourage you to schedule a visit with Stephanie to learn more about our miracle and many others that have occurred at VibrantYou. I rarely write reviews, let alone those that include “miracle”, however it is what happened. Give yourself or your loved one a chance to learn more and then decide. We will always be deeply grateful to VibrantYou.

    thumb David Hatch

    review rating 5  I came to Vibrant You with bad knees and a crippled rotator cuff. At 65 years of age, I still wanted to do some good things with my life, but the pain and lack of mobility crushed my hopes and made me feel depressed. After much prayer, I found Vibrant You and started Targeted Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy. After 25 sessions, the inflammation was gone and my knees were noticeably stronger. My shoulder was also stronger, and my range of motion increased by more than 50 percent. After 40 sessions, I could carry heavy objects up a flight of stairs without assistance, and my shoulder was as close to normal as it's going to get. Needless to say, I am thrilled with the results Vibrant You provided, as they changed my life for the better. The owner and her staff are wonderful, caring people, and they know what they're doing. What a blessing they are to the people of Southern Utah!

    thumb Kenneth Hepworth

Latest Findings

Discover some of the latest advancements in targeted hyperbarics, PBMT lights and other health alternatives to improve your well being.