On May 11, 2018, John Fanene presented himself to our office as a result of a referral from local osteopathic physician Dr. Scott Noorda. John was the victim of a Brown Recluse spider bite that he had received approximately a month before. Prior to contacting our office, Dr. Noorda had administered the appropriate medications and even a surgery to clear the dead tissue surrounding the poisonous wound.

Despite Dr. Noorda’s excellent care, John’s body was still not responding, and the wound was not healing properly. Due to the severity of his situation, we started John on a therapy schedule of 2x per day for several days and reduced to 1x per day as his body started to respond to the therapy.
We used a unique combination of hyperbaric oxygen and polychromatic light known as “targeted hyperbaric”.

This powerful combination of oxygen and polychromatic light with specific wound healing settings called Riffe Frequencies, has been shown through studies to increase wound healing repair and regeneration by as much as 60 – 70% faster. We also incorporated a special blend of topical essential oils throughout the process.

Per the pictures above, you can see that John has experienced amazing repair and regeneration to the spider bite area in just 15 sessions. We will continue to assist John in having the Best Quality of life with Repair and Regeneration that is possible. It has been an honor and a pleasure to work with him and we thank him and Dr. Noorda for allowing us to be part of this incredible journey.

Like many devoted Utah faith-based families, the Fanene Family’s story is extra special in that John contracted his Brown Recluse spider bite in Fiji while on a mission to adopt a disabled toddler boy from Tonga in need of surgery. He had to come back to the states to attend to his poisonous bite. So, despite this set back, John has now been cleared to return on his family’s humanitarian mission to adopt their future son with special needs.

It is our personal mission and moral obligation to enlighten humanity on the benefits of “stem cells” and their remarkable potential to develop into numerous different cell types and serve as the body’s primary internal repair system. The innate ability, through hyperbaric oxygenation, to promote the body’s natural production of new stem cells. Stimulating the body to replenishes and regenerates from the effects of aging and disease.

Enhanced healing from disease/injury using hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has been clinically documented and supported through research citations to accelerate growth and repair of damaged tissue, improved tissue and organ functionality, promotes neurogenesis (nerve tissue repair), stimulates osteogenesis (bone tissue repair), ameliorates diabetic symptoms, enhanced recovery from heart attack and more.

Therefore, our Vibrant You Team remains dedicated to helping our community achieve the best Quality of Life possible through the support of hyperbaric oxygen, LED light, far infrared sauna and nutrition for a total body repair and regeneration!