What is QRS Therapy?

The Quantum Resonance System, or QRS, is a Pulsed electromagnetic Field therapy device cleared by the U.S. FDA. Pulsed EMF technology was originally developed by NASA scientists to simulate the earth’s grounding frequency for astronauts in space, enabling them to maintain proper cellular function and good health while living in the harsh environment of space.

The QRS pulsed EMF mat was engineered by German scientists as a health and wellness system for both clinical use and personal use at home. The first of its kind, the QRS has earned several patents and remains the highest quality pulsed EMF mat on the market.

The QRS system helps balance the body’s electrical system at the cellular level. At the same time, it adds an extra electron to minerals in the bloodstream, thereby enhancing absorption and breaking down calcium carbonate deposits in the arteries.

Many clinics charge substantial prices for QRS therapy, but at Vibrant You the benefits of QRS therapy are provided as part of our Total Health approach, along with Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy, PBMT Light therapy, Vibration therapy, and Far Infrared Sauna therapy. You see, our clinical experience has shown that the combination of these cutting-edge modalities produces far better outcomes for our clients than any single therapy alone. We see miracles every day, and this is one of the reasons why.